Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Placeholder art

The first placeholder art screen is a go!

Yes, this is a yacht.



  1. Placeholder? Surely you mean to say Nu-Lo-Fi, the chic indie game aesthetic of cutting edge titles such as 'Crayon Physics' and 'Choke on my Groundhog, YOU BASTARD ROBOTS'? :)

    Dammit, halfway through writing - and about to suggest you should put the very first Joey design in there - I realized I was only half joking about the concept. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go make a game inspired by the 1988 film Paperhouse before anybody else gets the same idea (or I discover that someone already did it).

    BTW, what's the Blackwell universe's take on the rule that ghosts can't cross flowing water? Possible puzzle or joke material?

  2. @Felix: Hah! I think Joey did cross water a few times. He was on the brooklyn bridge in Legacy, and went to Roosevelt Island in Unbound and Convergence. Although he has yet to actually float above the water (or even in it!).

  3. Indeed, the very first time we (sort-of) glimpsed Joey was on a bridge - so bridges would seem to offer him free passage. A solid iron or concrete structure does provide a bit more grounding than a flimsy gangplank, or as you say, nothing at all between him and the water.
    I'm sure even the paranormal must draw the line somewhere, otherwise an urban ghost would have a hard time trying to negotiate the invisible obstacle course of built-in water pipes and natural underground streams. :)

    I could totally see Rosa leaping onto a boat in one long stride, and Joey for once, unable to follow until she provides some sort of connection. Could also come in as a handy limitation if they should ever find themselves in the New York sewer system (with or without rivers of pink ectoplasm).

  4. Rosa, Joey and um Nishanti doing a "I'm on a boat" Blackwell cover?

    I don't know why that horrible idea came into my mind when reading the "This is a yacht" note.

  5. Hah! I just saw that video a few weeks ago. Good old T-Pain. For some reason, I can't picture Rosa going "I'm on a motherf$%king boat, yo!" Although, I can totally picture the actress doing it.