Thursday, August 19, 2010

Context is everything

One of the great things about creating programmer art is that I can indulge my narcissistic desire to post screenshots without revealing anything at all of substance. 

What is this?  A wedge of cheese?  A network of caves?  A bad attempt at juggling?  There's no way to tell!

What is Joey so impressed by?  A blank wall?  The back of Rosa's head? Or something else?  What the heck is this room anyway? Thanks to my amazing art, THE MYSTERY REMAINS.



  1. The blob in the last picture is most obviously a coffin.

    Or a melting wedge of cheese.

    One of the two.

    I've got your number, Dave!

  2. I'm guessing blood/water stain on the ceiling from the flat above in the second screen. As for the first one - either a steganography matrix to overlay a text to reveal its hidden message, or perhaps a whack-a-mole game.

    I say just slap on some text labels like your wonderfully descriptive "(This is a yacht)" and release the game already ;)

  3. Felix: That's one way to cut costs! Or even better, I'll just make a text label that reads "This is a game" and sell that. I might be on to something here.