Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More programmer art

You might have noticed the programmer art I posted yesterday.  It happens that Ron Gilbert (no relation) of LucasArts fame also posted some programmer art on his blog.  So in the interests of keeping up with my fellow Gilberts, here are some more of my attempts at programmer art from my previous games.

The Minetta in Blackwell Convergence:

At one point looked like this:

And the construction site in Blackwell Unbound:

Looked a little something like this:

And let's not forget my first attempts at Rosa and Joey:

Maybe I should have kept Joey's original design. Who wouldn't want a ghost slug as a sidekick?



  1. These are fun. I've been saving my programmer art. I'd like to add a bonus feature to Resonance where you play the game with programmer art.

  2. Heh! The "programmer's art edition" would be a fun one to see!

  3. I always wanted to ask if you played Bloodnet. It was a great game, lots of potential... and bad realization... :S

  4. Bloodnet? I think so. I have vague memories of a top-down game while the profile of a stoic guy in sunglasses graced the side of the screen... was that it?

  5. It was an adventure/rpg. Vampires and cyberpunk. Had excellent dialogues. Google image search yields results and there are a handful of youtube videos with gameplay.