Monday, March 1, 2010

My life in limerick form

Hi all!  I'm desperately trying to get Puzzle Bots to beta before the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.  In lieu of a normal update, I thought I'd share a silly limerick I wrote several years ago about my life as a game developer:

Here’s how my time is spent.
While I’m in development.
I seek out inspiration
and maintain motivation
and just hope that it pays the rent.

It starts with writing a doc
That’s solid and tight as a rock
All items common and rare
They are all written there
‘lest anarchy come by and knock

Once the design is complete and computed
The team members must be recruited
For if it were all done by me
Nasty things you would see
‘cuz it would all come out convoluted

Then we all get right down to work
We do our jobs and we’ll never shirk
Pixels are dutifully slammed
The game’s mostly programmed
And hopefully no one’s a jerk

After ages of blood, tears and sweat
It’s complete, but it’s not over yet!
Heed the words I am telling
For now starts the selling
Lots of money we hope we shall get

The PR work is never much fun
But on its shoulders a business is run
Marketing Rosa or Stone
Is a whole different poem
So I that believe this ditty… is done!


  1. There once was a poet called Dave
    Who's games always gave and gave
    But he tied up in knots
    Polishing Puzzlebots
    And sent himself to an early grave

    ... hopefully not a true story!

  2. Well written. If I could rhyme like that I wouldn't build games.