Friday, August 26, 2011

Emerald City Commentary (part 5)

Hola!  Another day another episode:

Most everything in this episode I've covered in some way or another on this blog, mostly how the VO got processed a little too much.  I also address another concern that a lot of reviewers had - the lack of save slots!  I did try and lobby for them, but I was successfully convinced that they would be "too confusing" for the casual audience.

In retrospect, I still wonder about this.  Would they have been as daunting as the market research led everyone to believe?  It's hard to say.  When you think about it, not many games use multiple save slots anymore.  It's just gaming dinosaurs like me who enjoy the security of having them.



  1. I think it really depends on the game. A big triple A game with possible multiple branching storylines may need them, but other smaller games that just autosave and have a more linear storyline don't really. It also depends on if you expect anyone else to play the game other than the main player. I sure as heck don't want anyone stealing my progress!

  2. I know it's the norm for casual games to start by entering your name, and it saves your progress for that particular name. Then someone else can come along and start a new game with a different name, and the game will store that progress as well. It's just a different type of gamer culture.

    Dunno where the question came from, really. I just can't remember a time when I last used multiple save slots - except when it comes to testing my own games!