Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh right, this is here.

Hello wayward web wanderers!

With all the twittering and facebooking I do, it's very easy to neglect this little chunk of cyberspace.  Here's what we've been up to in the last few months since I updated:
  • Gemini Rue was released, and is still selling very well (at least 3x higher than was predicted in the last post).
  • The next game in the Blackwell series (Deception) has hit alpha, and we're beta testing.
  • We've also started recording the voiceovers for Deception.  Abe and Rebecca are back as Rosa and Joey.
Speaking of VO, I got a fancy new microphone!

Rebecca Whittaker voicing Rosa at the mic

For years I've been using a Radio Shack headset microphone, which has always done the job and - oddly enough - very few people noticed that it wasn't a professional setup.  But recently an audio buddy of mine recommended this Blue Yeti microphone and I finally made the plunge.  I have to say, I love the thing.  I'll write more about that - among other things! - soonish.



  1. Cool! I've been curious about how the sales panned out. I hope you and Joshua are both making big bucks from Gemini Rue, and then plow all that money back into more games! (OK, you can spend some of it on rent and food if you must.)

    And looking forward to Blackwell Deception, too. The best bits of the games for me have always been the parts that felt most personal, so it'll be interesting to see how your experiences with psychics are expressed in the game.

  2. That's an amusing shot you've used there! Heh!

    Glad your sales are doing well, too.

  3. Thanks Snarky! There's always a bit of personal stuff with every game, but this one uses more of it than most.

    Sslaxx: Thanks. Rebecca is always amusing. :)