Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fan stuff

Even though I've been doing this for quite awhile, it still surprises me that I have actual fans.  Fans who follow my work and are eager for what's coming next, fans who post on my forum (which you should totally do) or are in general just awesome.  But what I love best is the fan art.

The sheer level of creativity that some of the fans put into recreating the characters from my games is mind-boggling.  One fan even molded Joey and Rosa out of clay (and I gave the guy a cameo in Convergence as a reward).

But today I think I have seen the coolest thing a fan has done to date.  A new MMO recently came out called DC Universe Online.  In the game, you create your own superhero or supervillian and then it lets you go to town.  One player has created a supervillian based on the Countess from the Blackwell series:

According to the player (who's name is Resulka), her powers include flight, psychic powers, and choking.

I have no words.


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  1. rosa's voice in the first game is sexy, could you make a 4th game with rosa in it and the same actress/ style of delivery. thanks