Saturday, September 11, 2010

From programmer art to final art

Hey, who remembers this?

One month ago, I showed off this lovely piece of programmer art for Blackwell Deception.  I drew it myself, using such high-tech drawing tools as a white piece of printer paper and a ballpoint pen.  I then scanned it into my computer and incorporated it into the game so I could program the basics of the location.  I made sure to add the words "This is a yacht" for the benefit of anyone unlucky enough to actually try it out. 

Eventually, Pepe (the background artist) took pity and did a preliminary sketch of the room:

It actually looks like a boat now!  Kinda.  You can faintly see Chelsea Piers in the background, which is where the boat is docked before setting off.   I greedily incorporated this sketch into the game so I wouldn't have to look at my own artwork.  Eventually, after several bouts of going back back and forth with the coloring, the final product emerged:

Overall, I am very happy with this.  It's the very first scene in the game, so I wanted to make a good impression.  There are clouds that drift by and a water reflection that shifts around.  When the boat starts moving there's a nice image of the George Washington Bridge that scrolls in the background.  Simple effects, but they do the job nicely.

Like with Convergence, I plan on releasing a free stand-alone demo to show off the game.  You should see this background (along with a few others) incorporated in that demo a month or two before release.



  1. This is very helpful to see. Thanks for posting this! (-:

  2. You make it sound like scratch artwork is bad! It's definitely much cheaper to change a few crappy lines to get better blocking/design of the scene than to change the whole final artwork.

    I do like that you're posting about the process from start to finish. Keep it up! Wanna see more behind the scenes stuff!

  3. Oh, don't get me wrong. Scratch artwork is definitely *useful*, but only to three people: me, myself and I! :) To anyone else testing my game with that placeholder art, it looks butt ugly.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! My first sketches are somewhat similar - although I am too lazy to even properly draw and scan the layout. Instead it's just a bunch of black lines on white background.
    The final version looks awesome, by the way! Kudos to the artist!

  5. cianty: My sketches are just as lazy. If you go back a few entries, I posted some!

  6. Today's inspiration - one of the best moments I can recall in adventure gaming

  7. the background seems to have a higher resolution compared to the last games. is that right? thanks for letting us gain insight

  8. ok.. currently found this topic

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    Yes, a topic for a later blog entry. :)